Thursday, March 15, 2018

Ringon Lake Completion

Well, the top is done and now it is one of eight personal quilts lined up for the LA. My version turned out 62" square, a lap quilt I guess or maybe one to fold on the end of a bed ready for a chillier night or perhaps a nap!
Rather than hanging it to photograph I just laid it out on the floor so I did not get all of it in, perhaps tomorrow I can get a better photo in the daylight.
The color is a bit off at night, so that may improve in daylight too! Construction was not fun and without a design wall I would guess too difficult to even think about. I know that not all of my sashings are correctly placed but I do not care, LOL, I am just very happy to have it all together.
 One would need to study it to figure out where it's off so IMO it does not matter.
I would love to get back to the LA now but I feel the urge to get going on The Boy's promised red, black and white quilt so tonight I ordered a digital pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company called 
"Town Square". 
The blocks are 18" which will be perfect as I have ordered an 18" panel of Mickey Mouse to go in the middle of the quilt. This is a super easy quilt like many of the MSQC designs and should go together fast.
The poor little chap had a nasty tummy bug yesterday so I spent most of the day with him helping his mom keep him comfortable. Those things are the worst, so it was lovely to see his smiling face this morning on Facetime, happily eating toast and apple sauce. By tomorrow he will be back to regular diet. I found one of the Pedialyte flavors that had the probiotics in it so that was the first thing he had once he could hold down a little liquid. He will be excited to see I am getting on with his new quilt when he comes on Friday.

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Lynette said...

Woohoo!! I know how much it takes to put one of those BH mysteries together, so I'm sure you're breathing much lighter now! Poor little guy - there have been some really nasty stomach bugs this year. Sorry he got hit by one.