Monday, March 26, 2018

Mickey Mouse Quilt

The Boy's quilt is all ready for the LA once the backing is prepped, it is currently in the washing machine. I don't usually prewash fabrics with the exception of red or black batiks or something else that looks suspicious to me, but this wide backing seems rather stiff so I am washing it with vinegar and salt, recommended online to soften fabrics- I will let you know how it works!
The Missouri Star Quilt Co. pattern "Town Square"  turned out very well in these fabrics and I think Matthew will love it, he already wanted to take it with him when he saw some of the blocks on the design wall and best of all it went together super fast! I did cheat a bit by sewing the first two borders together before stitching them to the quilt and I rather like the effect.
He asked for MM in the middle and that is what he got, plus two other MM fabrics, the red Mickey Ears and the black print, "Mickey in Dots" I think it was called. I had the black and white zipper fabric and included it just for whimsy, I thought The Boy would like it. I have one extra block that will make a nice pillow, and just enough of the zipper fabric for binding. The size made up to about 70"x90", just nice size for his bed, can't wait to see it there.
Now I am anxious to quilt it, how though? Looking at it I am thinking a MM head outline in the black print squares and maybe some ruler work? Hmmmmm, I will think about it while the backing dries!

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Anonymous said...

Mickey seems to a favorite on many little ones and for that matter adults. He is going to love it. Dotti