Tuesday, March 6, 2018

On Ringon Lake, Continued!

Have you ever followed along to make a BH Mystery quilt? If so, then you are familiar with the process of sewing together very many little bitty pieces. Ringon Lake appears to me to be one of the most intense of BH quilts, especially with the addition of the pieced sashings.
I made all the corners first.............
 then realised after I added the first row that one of the sashings was wrong way up!
Well, I am not taking it apart so it will remain that way and no one else will ever know.
 Getting all the sashing right is intense, I soon get burned out and this is the current state. I plan to construct the longest row next and then go to the top right corner and attach two rows to it. Then I can join both corners to the middle row.
 Our little cruise with Boston family to Western Caribbean was fun.
We were allowed to take on board one bottle of wine per adult so we each brought along our very favorite red, Cooper and Thief, and enjoyed sharing a bottle almost every night.
We played cards and Mexican Train dominoes as we relaxed on board the ship.
We visited Chichenitza, one of many ancient Mayan cities connected by paved roads. The Mayans were an advanced civilization with deep knowledge of astronomy, math and engineering. Of course they also worshipped a couple of pagan idols including a snake with feathers and practiced human sacrifice.......
This amazing structure houses another complete pyramid within where royal tombs are located.
We also visited a "cenote", a sacred pool which is actually a sink hole. We went down 88 steps to water level where we were able to swim, and at first the water was freezing but after a few minutes I acclimated and enjoyed cooling off from the warmth of the day.
While we were in the pool[and I have no photos because my phone is not waterproof] we watched the filming of a new Red Bull advertisement, where a man dived off the top into the pool-twice! That was fun and if you see this ad you will know I actually witnessed the event!
I am going to try and add a bit to the BH quilt before bedtime, and I will finish this post with last week's picture of the great granddaughter, isn't she a doll?
Her great Grandmother thinks so!

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Anonymous said...

OH my, she is adorable. Waiting for my sisters GD due on her birthday in April. With 12 inches of snow in Connecticut that cruise looks delightful. Dotti