Sunday, December 3, 2017

On Ringo Lake Clue #2

Yesterday I managed to fill the day, pork pot roast in the slow cooker, a few loaves of banana bread 
and the rest of the day devoted to the BH Mystery Clue #2!
My plan is for a smaller version of the quilt so so I am reducing the number of pieces, I have no idea how large this will be but maybe lap-twin size? Bonnie suggests beginning with half the number for a smaller quilt. A couple of reasons for the decision, there is no current plan for gifting another bedsize quilt - I usually go with the chosen colors of the recipient. Therefore in this case a lap-size or child's quilt may be more giftable. Also, taking into consideration that this is one of the busiest times of the year I am choosing to spend less time on this quilt and reduce my stress!
Usually I am not a quilter who buys kits, I like to use stash and save $$ cutting my own pieces with rare exceptions, however this past year has seen a change. Perhaps it's a sign of advancing age and taking the easier way out?
At last year's retreat two of the other quilters were sewing on the stunning Crystal Blue quilt, and if you have seen the  design you may understand that it is a major, time consuming, challenging project. A local quiltshop near the retreat house had the kit on sale so........I bought it!
In the past year plus I have completed the center plus another section.
However, I have seriously bogged down on it and find my enthusiasm waning, well in truth waned! What do you do when you choose to abandon a project? This kit cost me nearly $250 so it's not a decision I have made lightly but sometimes we just need to cut our losses and move on!
I think I will put it on FB for $100 and see if some other quilter has the energy and enthusiasm for it.
Then I saw this eye catching quilt on Ricky Timms website and he had it on sale and free shipping-and yes, I bought it!
 Isn't it smashing?
Do you like Kaffe Fassett?
It took me a few years for his designs to grow on me possibly because of the first time I encountered them in a kit quilt I did on the longarm.  The blocks were all different and I was custom quilting them but no matter what thread I used I could not see where I had quilted. When it came to the final of several borders I gave up and used a pantograph! To my amusement it is still one of Leslie's favorite of all her quilts and I quite like it now! So when I was wandering around 35th Ave Sew 'N Vac I happened upon the kit above and fell in love with the fabrics at half price! All seventeen yards! While I have no intentions of making this entire quilt I may make a small wall hanging and put the rest in stash.
 Then, a few weeks ago wandering around the same store waiting to pick up my BOM I came across this kit, another seventeen yards on sale so cheap I had to buy it! When ever do we encounter quilt shop quality fabrics less than half price? Sigh, and no I obviously have not yet learned my lesson LOL, do not wander aimlessly around a quilt shop!
These fabrics will go into stash, the quilt pattern does not call my name!
Warning: Quilt shops are dangerous places for quilters!

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Lynette said...

Hehe!! yes, it's very dangerous to wander around a quilt shop without a specific shopping task in hand. That's a pretty BOM quilt - I can understand falling for it, particularly on great sale.