Friday, December 1, 2017

Final QOV for 2017!

Yep that's right the last for this year, I can mail them off to be bound and labeled, my job is done!
This one went a lot faster, possibly because some of the blocks were the same so I already had an idea  of how I would quilt them.
Simplifying quilting in the blank blocks speeded up the process, the loopy longarm feather wreaths are super fast, though every so often I would forget and slip in a couple of backtrack feathers-but you have to search to pick them out!
I do enjoy ruler work so more of that which also goes faster when you are not re-inventing the wheel.
Love the plain muslin backing that shows up the cool quilting design and makes an attractive reversible look. The border is a little different treatment, more masculine than feathers and again very fast. I repeated the design in a miniature version in some of the blocks.
DH noticed a booboo, a small area I missed, can you spot it? I will fill it in before mailing.

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