Monday, December 4, 2017

It's Advent!

The waiting time for the arrival of the Savior was celebrated in Christian churches around the globe yesterday. It was traditionally a time of self examination in preparation for Baptism in the early Church. The color purple or blue is meant to signify Royalty and also repentance in some churches.
The tradition of the Advent wreath began in Germany in the Lutheran church and has been adopted internationally. Our family first encountered it when we lived in Germany in the 70's and have continued it ever since.  The wreath is designed to encourage family devotions during the season to help us to keep in mind the "reason for the season" with all the distractions of commercial marketing,  gifting and other celebrations. Our family always lit the wreath at the evening meal as we read a portion of Scripture appropriate to the time, and the boys took turns lighting the candles of course!
 Our church celebrated the first Sunday in Advent with a special wreath making event in the afternoon. Four of the candles mark each of the four Sundays in Advent, the fifth in the center for the Christ Child is lit on Christmas Eve/Day. The first two Sundays the blue/purple candles are lit, on the third Sunday, Gaudete Sunday, the pink is lit. Gaudete in Latin means "rejoice"as in Phillippians chapter four we are encouraged to rejoice in the coming of the Savior.
 We began our event with a short service in the Sanctuary
then moved to the patio and Fellowship Hall for the actual wreath making. I was too busy with this project to take more pics, but everyone had a good time visiting and putting our wreaths together, even the less crafty members who received help from others!
I gathered up supplies for an additional wreath to make with Matthew this week since he was not able to attend yesterday. He was very insistent that we not begin to decorate until he could be here to help!
Wishing you all a Holy and joyous Advent as we await His coming.

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Driven Quilter said...

Thanks for sharing this event. We have used a log with holes for candles with greens and ribbon added. The vertical version adds a whole new dimension.