Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Gill's Rag Quilt

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Five years ago while visiting my native land DownUnder, my dear SIL took me to The Cottage On The Hill a quilt shop out in the country at Nundle near where they live in Tamworth-Country Music Capital of Australia. The shop, owned by Kerry Swain is on the family farm and there was a class going on at the time. Here Gill saw a rag quilt and said how she would love one in her favorite colors, of course I said "I can make that!"
I returned to the USA and promptly purchased the flannels to make it and there they sat until I knew my brother was coming to visit and I thought I had best make it up to send back to Aus. with him!
It is my first-and perhaps my only-rag quilt, they are labor intensive I really had no idea! I know of people who make them regularly but not me, I much prefer to put my energy into a traditional style quilt. I did buy a pair of Fiskars scissors with the short blades, without which it would have been a much worse chore snipping all those raw edges so I would recommend them for anyone attempting a rag quilt.
So now my brother needs a second suitcase, in addition to a few things he has acquired there is now a heavy, bulky quilt, good thing it is only lap size! And what a mess they make in the washing and drying, I took out hands full of threads every time I cleaned the dryer filter which was about every fifteen minutes so it wouldn't get blocked- and there are still threads floating around in the laundry! I washed and dried it three or maybe four times and it could still use a couple more I think.
My next project is the blue quilt I started for second grandson and his wife. I purchased fabrics for the original Tumbling Block design but when I switched to the pattern I found at Modern Quilt Studio I needed a lot more medium and lighter blues. I just received this selection below, one looks pink in the photo but it definitely is not, it's blue gray, I promise!
My brother leaves Friday and I have foot surgery Friday morning, good timing! It will keep me off my feet a lot for a week and then I think I will be ok in the air-boot as long as I am careful!


Kate said...

The fabric in your rag quilt is lovely. I am sure your SIL will be thrilled.
I hope your surgery goes well.

Heather said...

the floral fabric that you used for the front of the quilt is lovely. I haven't made one of these type quilts and honestly, have no desire. The new clippers do look like they'd be a huge help.