Friday, November 18, 2016

Accordion Quilt

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Plugging away at this quilt, it's rather a messy process as you can see! Trying to stay off my foot as much as possible I am doing the cutting and trimming on the board right beside me.
This pattern from The Modern Quilt Company is fast and very easy, really I think almost beginner easy. 
 There are more blues I have yet to introduce and I may reject that very lightest one, though in reality it does not look white at all only in the photo. I am not continuing to use it at the moment in case it does turn out to be too pale, the few I have already made can easily be rejected or remade with a minimum of waste of both time and materials. So far it's ok, not amazing but I am withholding my final opinion until further progress when there is a larger area to view.

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Heather said...

interesting name for the quilt. Many years ago I played that instrument; it must be the most ackward instrument that you sit and play.