Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Needlework Tuesday, A Little Late!

Usually I try to checkin with Heather over at Needlework Tuesday but I think she was a day late this week and consequently I am too!
So the Allietare quilt is underway on the long arm and today I received the awaited 1.5" rope stencil so I can get on with that now. is a great company, they have hundreds of stencils and ship priority so it comes in two days and they are nice, cooperative, helpful people.
I am not happy to find that my magic chalk pounce does not show up in white so I have to trace over the stencil with the yellow, that takes a little longer.
Heather talks about a discovery they made of printed piano key border fabric ready to use, I had never heard about it until yesterday when a quilter friend at the gym mentioned her daughter had searched all over the internet to find it. I did not even know it existed and have always used the fabric left from the body of the quilt so it matches. It's a lot more time consuming to make your own but I doubt I would ever take the easy way out, I am way too OCD and I also love to use up as much of the fabric as possible so as not to have dribs and drabs scraps left over!
This afternoon The Boy and I were out walking Button with a friend and her dog, we were hanging out in the greenbelt on this gorgeous, cooler Phoenix day, and Matthew was trying to eat his Wheat Thins but both Button and Bogart were pestering him to share! He was on their level after all and it was so very tempting, dogs are "opportunity eaters"!
These pics show the dogs crowding him for a bite and he endeavoring to keep his snacks for himself! Poor Bogey is salivating he is so anxious for a cracker!
Button almost managed to snag one- she's a terrier/terror after all- but Matthew was too quick for her!
We had a good laugh watching this interaction, kids and dogs will steal the show every time!


Kate said...

You have to go with what you are comfortable with. If you enjoy making keyboard borders, then you should. After all, it's your quilt, not a race!
I loved the doggie pictures. My dogs would have been right in there, too.

Heather said...

I love that rope quilting. I want to do it on a quilt I have in the frame but since I am hand quilting, I know it will take forever. I'll decide when I get to that point.

I had fun using the Strip-R fabric, though the blue and white isn't my usual choice of fabrics with the floral prints. I does save huge amounts of time with piecing strips, the draw back is less choice in fabrics. I do plan to use it again.

Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.