Saturday, March 5, 2016

Marking Time!

There is still little I am supposed to be doing with my left arm/hand because it all impacts the injured shoulder, a very frustrating condition for me, I am not happy being idle and my default mode is quilting and related sewing! Each time I attempt any of the above my pain level increases, not a happy result.
I have been guiding my friend Sueann through her first quilting project a baby quilt for her new granddaughter.
We chose a simple nine patch, the center being a Minnie Mouse fabric as both parents are Disneyland fans. It is quilted,
 backed with a wonderfully soft minkee and no batting, that would have made it too heavy.
 And the label!
Next week we will tackle the binding using the pink print.
Meantime, I ordered a couple of wide  backings, one for my nephew's quilt "Allietare" a light/medium blue.
 The second is for the quilt I am planning for my own bed, grey and yellow with a little white.
 The bottom fabric is the wide back, I ordered both through eBay from seller "judipat47". I am always leary of ordering from a new online site so I enquired as to the manufacturer of the fabric, quality etc. Most fabrics from this seller come from "Santee Printworks" a privately owned NC mill that has been in business for over 60 years. Judipat assured me that the fabric had a nice "hand" and high thread count appropriate for any other quilt shop quality fabric. The mill manufactures fabric for many retail companies that market it under their own brand names, nice to able to buy USA made and at a great price.
I am quite satisfied with the quality of my purchase and recommend this eBay seller and Santee Printworks fabrics. I purchased four yards per quilt of these 108" fabrics at $39.80 each piece, totalling about $20 short of the $100 free shipping so of course rather than pay $20 shipping I purchased $22 more fabric! LOL!

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