Thursday, March 24, 2016


I think these last two posts got out of order because I forgot to publish this one!
Allietare is on the Longarm ready to quilt but I am still deciding on a quilting design
Because Wes is a bull rider I thought about putting a rope design in the narrow sashing/border areas, but what to do in the large dark border? The piano key is a no brainer but large borders are often a challenge.
I remembered a great quick feather border my friend Gale uses and decided to try it so I put a little trial quilt on the side of the longarm. 
 My brain had a bit of a struggle at first getting the top to bottom and vice versa feathers to work but after a couple of tries I got it and proceeded to do the top border of Wes's quilt. I am very happy with the result it was fast and effective I will be using it lots in the future, thanks Gale!
The piano key border will get a simple straight line 1/4" from the seam up and down it will be easy to do free hand it's only 4.5" tall.

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