Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Well, that's my only excuse for falling behind both in quilting progress and blogging. We came up to Boston right after Christmas and have been so busy with family stuff, add in the 10 year old twins and their busy schedules too and there's little time for anything else.
We did go to see "The Force Awakens", drove to another state in fact, Providence RI in order to watch the film at the IMAX in 3D! It was terrific everyone of us loved it. 
Here we are watching the game in the lounge area before the movie- there's a full service bar and you are even permitted to take your "adult beverages" (the kids had Shirley Temple type drinks) into the theatre, nice!
In the days prior to viewing the film we watched the last three Star Wars movies to get up to date/refresh the story line so we knew what had led up to The Force awakening.
The only sewing I have done is a bit of catching up on my "Allietare" Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, working on the clues I had not completed. 
Using an 
older Kenmore model sewing machine handed down from the twins' great aunt,  which she purchased and apparently never used because it was in pristine condition, not a hint of thread or fluff.
I had enough clues completed to do a mock up of a few blocks so I have an idea of how my chosen fabrics will look in the completed quilt which is for my bull rider nephew in Australia. 
I inadvertently placed the rectangles in the side setting triangle incorrectly so that looks a bit odd, fortunately they were not sewn. I'll try to get a few blocks together tomorrow, I will have the day "home alone", sort of, the twins will be at school, attorney niece at the office, and DH and nephew busily working on the interior of the addition, I should be free to sew most of the day.
I am happy with the combination and anxious to see it together. That won't happen until we return to AZ,  I only have a tiny cutting board and rotary cutter an a 6" ruler, no where sufficient to trim blocks etc.
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Heather said...

I like your choice of colours for the quilt. I'm sure your nephew will love it. That is quite the career he has picked for himself.

Hubby and I saw the movie during the holidays and loved it.

Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.

cityquilter grace said...

love your color combo ros....better than bonnie's but don't tell