Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Quince Anos, And "Easy Street" Goes To Its New Home!

Our first experience of a quinceanera, we were so honored to be invited to join the celebration with this beautiful, poised young lady.
The ceremony  was lovely, I only have one photo in the church.
For those who have not experienced this event, it is a dedication and also a  celebration of a girl transitioning to womanhood at 15. She wears a white gown symbolizing the innocence of childhood, Mass is celebrated and prayers are offered for the Lord to bless and guide her in her adult life- then comes the celebration!
Here she is with her "court" , chosen from her closest friends and family. There is lots of music and dancing, food and fun for hours!
 This is a choreographed dance with the court , "T" is partnered by her grandfather.
 It's really fun to watch, the young people had done a great job of learning all the moves.
 Then her parents remove her tennis shoes and present her with heels….
and she dances with her Dad.
 This very poised young lady made a fine presentation of her thanks to her family and friends for their love and support
The beautiful cake was made by her aunt who also made the cakes for our son and his wife's engagement and wedding.
 Not only lovely to look at but absolutely moist and flavorful
Then this morning there was a follow up to the party in this beautiful setting,….
 delicious pork posole for lunch!
And here's the quilty part of the post, I had a quilt for "T", her cousin helped choose the colors of this "Easy Street" Bonnie Hunter design because I had no notion of what would suit her- and it blends perfectly in her room!
 So "Easy Street" has gone to it's new home, may her dreams be sweet and restful under this quilt
 And finally, here we are with our son's wonderful Mom and Dad in-law, we are so happy to be included in this delightful family.
We returned home this evening and I got to work and finished the piano key border for Allietare, I may even get the top completed tomorrow!

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