Thursday, July 23, 2015

Row By Row H2O

Are you joining the fun? Hundreds of quilt shops in all 52 States and Canada are participating in what is now an annual event. It went right by me last year I had never heard of it until I was in CO.Springs recently and picked up a CO. Row pattern from Ruth's Stitchery.
Here is my quick and easy row, still needing some embellishment.
I have a very cute row from VA, and plan on getting some from TX, MA and DC. I didn't think I would get involved but after seeing a few rows I am hooked! I haven't bought any of the number plates at $5.95 each it's a bit pricey for very many and I haven't figured out how to use them yet.
There's a nice row at a QS in Prescott Valley with quail on it with umbrellas! Might have to take a ride up there soon, I think BJ may ride along with me and she knows where that QS is.
I was not inspired by all the cactus heavy rows from AZ but I guess I can always leave them off. I was hoping to find one with a Route 66 sign so I may have to make my own!
I have a new addition for my studio -which is a very small room and tight with everything I need to have to work in there. The chair I have been using is an office chair, big, black and very bulky so when I saw this one in Costco it seemed to fit the need well and was reasonably priced so it came home with me yesterday!
It's very light, clean lines and white so it blends in well and rolls super easily. If the arms are ever a problem I can leave them off but so far I like them and I am very happy with my new seating!


Heather said...

I collected 2 kits last year and several patterns, but didn't get any sewn. This year I have visited 2 shops, but no sewing of the rows. I the Row by Row is a great idea and the shop owners say it really does brings lots of quilters to their stores.

Lynette said...

ooo - Roslyn, your mountains row is really spectacular. Love your fabrics!