Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Quilt Shopping

Of course I had no intentions of buying fabric, or rather I had intentions of not buying fabric-also of course the road to hell is paved with good intentions!
Na -La's in Fountain CO. Springs is Linda's favorite QS, and it is there we went first on Saturday it's a lovely store and the owner, Na-La herself, is a delight, so check it out if you are in the area. 
Of course there was a fabric sale, 60% of end of bolt and 50% off other sale fabrics. And naturally I found some that had to come home with me! Kathy and I were not the only ones to shop I think the others are just hiding their stuff, LOL!
I fell for this adorable fabric, the border print is on both sides of the 45" width.
At first I just thought what a cute whole cloth baby quilt but then Na-La suggested cutting it down the center and adding a piece of a coordinate.
I have decided to make blocks from coordinating colors solids and/or small prints plus this coordinate , I think it will be adorable-now we just need a couple more babies!
I already have one of Angela Walters books and this one was on sale at Na-La's so I snapped it up!
Love this cute wall hanging pattern so I plan to make a couple, I can use something other than the columbines for other states.
Sunday after church and lunch we went to Ruth's Stitchery and aaarrrggghhh, of course they too had a sale, another end of bolt sale. When I saw their Rowe by Rowe H20 I wanted the pattern,  it is really cute.
They have made it a four season Rowe but I am thinking of making four rows one for each season, what do you think? If you want to know more about the Rowe by Rowe H20 quilt pattern click on the link, it's a kind of Shop Hop with a twist, 1200+ stores in USA and Canada participated in 2014 and many more are expected this year.
These were all half off but I purchased end of bolt of the black on black print and the neutral next to it so they were 60% off. The green tree fabric on the left I plan to use for the Rowe quilt and possibly the batik next to it and the Sewing Bee fabric was too darned cute not to have just a yard!
In general I am not a Kaffe Fasset fan but when I was in TX Leslie was using a couple of these that I do really like and at 20% off I got half a yard of each.
Thankfully we only visited two stores and when Linda suggested two more on Monday we ran out of time, whew! No point in placing myself in temptations path!

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cityquilter grace said...

we have all been on that road, roslyn....and kaffe still my heart...LOVE his colors!