Thursday, June 4, 2015

Friday Finish for Orange Crush

I knew Angela would be anxious to see her OJ Crush quilted so here it is!
 The center is Edge to Edge echoed peacock feathers and the three borders have separate treatments. That does take longer but it sets the borders apart nicely and Bonnie Hunter designs have a lot of work in them so they deserve a little special treatment!
 Hard to see with the rust colored thread but the inner border  has a triangular design, the middle a figure of eight and the outer a continuous echoed peacock feather that ties in with the body of the quilt.
 I think that pieced backings are more interesting than just one fabric.
The label embroidered onto the backing before quilting.


Andee said...

It looks fabulous! So happy to be keeping this one!

Heather said...

It looks great. Thanks for showing the label. It's very nice. The quilt historians are practically begging us to include labels. They also want the original pattern name included even though most of us add our own name for the quilt. I try to label all mine, but the occasional one slips by in my excitement.