Thursday, June 25, 2015

Colorado and Pike's Peak

Yesterday evening right when the final member of the five came in we had three unexpected visitors, this is one of them on Linda's front steps! Much sweeter than on my last visit when I encountered a marauding Black bear rampaging down the street knocking over trash cans!
This was one of a set of twins along with mumma deer grazing in the yard.
It was a charming introduction to our visit.
We immediately left for the "Golden Bee" for dinner,came home and chatted for quite a while then rose early to be out the door by 8:30 this morning to ride the Cog Railroad to the top of 14,115ft. Pike's Peak.
The trip up takes about an hour 20 minutes with lovely scenery and some wildlife along the way. Often some intrepid adventurers will bike or hike down but biking was not possible today due to non arrival of the bikes. The annual auto race up the mountain is this weekend, the record to beat is eight minutes and a few seconds! All those hairpin bends  mean that speeds not around them are around 90 MPH, no guardrail either! Though I doubt that would help..........
That is a lake in the background.
A wonderful lunch experience at the Cliff House rounded out the day! The food was outstanding and most reasonably priced. The special was  "For Two" salad, entree and dessert for $50!
The salad a light offering just right for lunch.
Entree offered  a choice of Chateaubriand or a filet, but two of us requested substitution of salmon and the Chef obliged. The beef was pronounced perfectly tender and flavorsome and the salmon was exactly cooked and seasoned. Nancy chose fish and chips which also earned high praise.
But wait- there is more, the piece de resistance -
A trio of creme brûlée, right to left, vanilla, hazelnut, and white chocolate oh my, shut the front door we were in heaven!
All of this for $25 per. person, so if you live around or visit Colorado Springs do not fail to stop at the Cliff House for lunch! Or dinner which must be just as excellent though a little more pricey no doubt.
We rolled down the steps and stopped for a Kodak moment in front of the fountain, such a beautiful and gracious old hotel and lovely surrounds.

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Lynette said...

It looks like you guys had such a nice day! I do love the Cog ride up to Pike's Peak. It's so relaxing!