Monday, June 29, 2015

Celestial Seasonings

This was great fun, not only can one taste every tea made at the plant but you may also take a free tour of the facility and watch the entire process of tea making from drying and mixing to bagging and shipping. The aromas were wonderful of all the herbals, but the peppermint room was so potent that there are T shirts in the gift shop that say"I survived the peppermint room"!
Plenty of options for lunch here including a vegan menu.
Another pics of the iconic images on the boxes of Celestial teas.
The Sleepy Time Bear!
An adorable teapot.
Every item made of tea bags!
Tea tasting time!
A beautiful arbor on the grounds. We all made a stop at the gift shop to stock up on tea and tea, related gift items and some of the body care products made here including sunscreen, lotions and even all natural deodorant!


Andee said...

Very cool...where is it? Might have to add to my bucket list!

Heather said...

ditto the 'very cool'. i've been drinking and enjoying their teas for over 30 years. I'd be fun to visit and have tea there.