Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Wedding

I have candid pics, and I will show a few of them here. It was a hectic three days beginning with the rehearsal dinner when I did not take any photos! As mother of the groom I did not have the opportunity during the ceremony either but managed a few afterwards. Personally I am a sucker for wedding photos, I always love to see other people's special day too.
Awaiting the bride
The Boy with the Bridal couple
 And with his Daddy
We're married!
 With Matron of Honor and Best Man
A kiss in the car
 The photo below taken of us as we came into the church ahead of the wedding party.
 The beautiful vintage Mercedes big brother trailered to Yuma for the wedding.
 The Boy with his favorite cousin, he will do anything for her! I think this is the cutest photo.
 Cutting the cake
There was a board set up for all three events with photos of the grandparents' and parents' weddings and an engagement pic of the bride and groom, such a nice idea.
Taken at the brunch Sunday at the bride's parent's home.
Yessenia has an amazing family to cover the scope of the work it took to organize all the events of that three day celebration for two hundred people, and they accomplished it without a hitch and with such warmth, welcome and love. Our family and friends were all beneficiaries of the Figueroa extended family's outreach to us and we are so very grateful to them. We look forward to more reasons for family events that join us all together again.
A few more photos from the Sunday brunch, menudo and pork pizole!
Both sets of parents and the two Nanas!
Father of the bride sings with the band

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