Saturday, March 28, 2015

More Quilter's Eye Candy!

 Another example of fine piecework, applique and quilting
 Who can ever resist a cute Santa, raw edge applique is very popular. Here the quilter added color  and shading with Tsukineko inks
 And here is his boot, beautifully quilted.
 I thought the cactus flowers were lovely…...
 here showing some detail.
 This flower caught my eye
 And this one also - a little whimsy, notice the tortoises around the border..
 Cleverly constructed and quilted a southwestern horse
Gale and I both admired this little bird, hand dyed fabrics from the quilter herself
 A more traditional quilt…...
 with fine piecing, applique and quilting and crystals, very popular this year
 Adorable embroidered trees almost make me want to spend the time to work with my little embroidery machine, almost but not quite! Lots of sparkly threads enhance the quilt and crystals too.
 I will be content to admire others endeavors.
 Traditional Irish Chain…..
 with spectacular quilting.
 "My Stars"
 More gorgeous quilting
 Simple design, effective placement of color…….
combined with terrific quilting makes for a delightful picture.
 This one gets a "wow"!
 Just look at the tiny detailed quilting!
 Very effective use of color gradation
 Originally I saw this idea in Gwen Baggett's book called  "Farthing Quilts", where the picture is divided into four parts each panel being made by a different person using their own interpretation of the colors. Here it appears that six daring quilters have contributed their sections for this grand panorama.
 I took several photos of this beautiful quilt to show the variation in quilting.
We spent about four hours browsing the show, well worth the $10 admission, if it doesn't inspire the artist in you I don't what will! We came away excited to try new ideas and develop new skills, and although I may never reach the lofty heights of some of these quilters I will have fun trying!
Finally my only purchase, pincushions from the Day of the Dead booth, I bought two, one for each of us to remember this adventure.

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joanne said...

exquisite. I especially love the ones with the dark backrounds. The pops of colour are gorgeous. What a fun time you had ;j