Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Grey Bear"

Angela's daughter Hannah made this little wall hanging and her Mom entrusted me with the quilting. It was meant to be returned to her by her birthday but my unexpected surgery caused the delay so I decided to make an extra special effort quilting it to redeem my reputation! Having worked on this for two days I am very satisfied with the result and I hope that Hannah will love it.
 There are more modern quilts appearing all the time, even I am drawn to them and their simpler forms and having been mostly a very traditional quilter for so long it seemed that I needed to branch out with some more modern ideas.
 Angela Walters is a very talented young quilter who showcases a lot of modern quilting techniques so I purchased one of her books to see what ideas it might present and Hannah's quilt is a result of some of that work.
 Modern quilts tend to have much larger pieces of fabric leaving lots of negative space for quilting.
I am not sure what the kitty is looking up at in those three grey strips? I have not seen the original pattern.
 I was still wondering how to quilt the setting triangles once the center medallion was done then decided that I preferred them un-quilted because they pop out and showcase the center and that is usually where the eyes are drawn at first sight of a design. There are two layers of batting Quilter's Dream 80/20 and Quilter's Dream wool to give more definition, both of these can be left un-quilted for several inches so there is no risk of the battings ever shifting.
I am so very happy to be able to quilt again, two weeks away put me into withdrawal!


Cactusneedle said...

Very striking quilt! And I love the quilting you added to it.

Angela Neff said...

This turned out great Ros! Cannot wait to get it to Hannah...maybe we can meet up on Sunday!

LynCC said...

I really love your work on this one, Ros. Isn't that cat too cute?1