Friday, February 27, 2015

Beginning The Wedding Quilt

Having cleared my studio and my current commitments it's onto the wedding quilt for son and his about-to-be-bride. The wedding is only three weeks away and I really do need to get busy since the last of the fabric the WOW came in this week there is no more delay.
Ever struggle to make accurate cuts with rulers and rotary cutters? Cutting across the WOF even doubled as it comes off the bolt, is often a challenge to keep the ruler from straying and giving a less than accurate measurement. Of course that's always a possibility but with a 22" WOF cut it's a distinct likelihood for me!
A few years ago I came across the "Rule Steady" on one of my visits DownUnder and immediately knew I needed this tool.
The price was a little surprise but it has been worth it's weight in gold and if you are interested in looking at it here is the website. It is very sturdy and well made and certainly worth the investment to me, as many surgeries as my arthritic hands have endured I will make use of every advantage.
Below you can see what a perfect cut I can make using my RuleSteady tool.
Sometimes I may slide the ruler up a few inches to make the top half of the cut just because my hands are weak and I get better traction that way.
These are the colors the bride has chosen, grey, yellow and white…….
with the addition of the modern floral I found to liven up the design.
 The WOW which is also the 21" border is a bit of a challenge, so subtle it's hard to determine which is the right side until I hold it at an angle and can see a little shine on the white circles, that slowed me down just a wee bit.
First off I made a mock-up block to test the measurements for accuracy and to check the finished size.
The block came out at 12.5", perfect to cover just the mattress area of a Cal King bed at 72"x84", 42 blocks in a 6x7 configuration will be perfect.
I decided that the fastest method would be to make all the centers…….
 then piece all the outer fabrics. ……….
and sew each block in a controlled scrappy manner.
So far this has worked well and I am very happy with my progress.


Heather said...

this will be a very pretty qullt. Love that floral.

Anonymous said...

Great news. I was wondering when you were starting with only three weeks to go. The modern fabric is a great addition. Dotti