Thursday, August 28, 2014


Yesterday I had emailed Andrea, the delightful lady who sent me her Mom's wedding gown and lace hankies to make her a memory quilt. I was wondering if she had seen her quilt yet-Andrea currently resides outside USA, so her quilt was mailed to her Dad in the USA for her to collect on her visit there this month.
Today in the mail I received a lovely surprise- a collection of Asian treats!
This neat packet held rice crackers, they will be handy right here by my laptop!
 I remember how carefully and artfully each purchase is wrapped from my visit to the Orient.
  The one below is no exception…...
It held what Andrea called a" furoshiki" traditionally used for wrapping lunches!
Isn't it adorable? I will find a way to display it.
 And green tea powder, that can be prepared hot or iced.
I love green tea and always drink it on our frequent excursions for sushi!
Such a thoughtful thing to do, I have enjoyed getting to know this lady via email as her quilt project progressed and now I am so pleased to know it is in her hands and she loves it. I have asked her if she would send me a photo of the quilt once she gets it home and if so I will post it on the blog

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