Saturday, August 30, 2014

Just When You Thought You Were Done!

I really thought I had done the final post before retreat but then realized that I needed a little hostess gift for our CA. trip. Easiest thing was to whip up a couple of selvedge oven pads and since summer really is going to come to an end and Fall/ Halloween/Thanksgiving will soon be on the radar I decided orange and black could predominate! Sometimes I just sew whatever comes to hand in random order from my extensive selvedge collection but at other times I will try to follow a theme.
 Showing both sides, these are super fast and everyone loves them-who doesn't need a couple more?
Using up scrap cotton batting, otherwise discarded selvedges with a piece of Insulbrite in the middle, what could be easier or more "green"? Now I just have to pack up everything and I am not saying this will be the final post before the retreat, just in case!


Andee said...

We love them and use ours almost daily! :) Very nice with the cheddary colors too!

Tatersmama said...

I love the colors! They're too pretty to actually use! I have a drawer filled with kitchen towels that I won't use, simply because they're my "good ones"! Now that I have room, and the weather will be cooling down soon, I'm thinking of getting out the sewing machine and trying some simple projects.