Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Another UFO Off The List!

This charming blue and quilt white top sat unquilted for several years because of the wide border. I had an idea in mind for the quilting, something with feathers, but even after I loaded it onto the LA a couple of years ago I could not come up with the final design and off it came and ended up tucked away out of sight-and out of mind!
Saturday night I forced myself to bring it out and just do it!  I used my scallops ruler to draw a template for the feather border that made the design much easier to create.
The body of the quilt has freehand feathers and the entire quilt is done with white thread.
Batting is Quilter's Dream Angel which drapes so nicely and still gives good definition.
 I used "pebbling" inside the feather border and piano key on the outside and I am very happy with the result. Everything is freehand although I did use a ruler for the piano keys, I wanted to keep the lines reasonably parallel!
 I drew a line at 45 degrees on the corners to help make a smooth transition.
   With a solid color backing I always love how quilts look just like a whole cloth they are reversible, and the design shows up so well -this one is a Kona wide back muslin. 
Now that it is done I cannot imagine why I procrastinated and I don't think that in future a wide border will bother me.
 It took me several days of intense quilting time but it was really fun to do.
Now only the binding remains.


Andee said...

It turned out great!

Gari in AL said...

You did a beautiful job. I love the piano key and pebble filler that makes your feathers stand out. I really have trouble turning the corner: I may try the scallop template idea.