Sunday, October 27, 2013

Walk For Autism

Today was the 8th Annual "Walk Now For Autism Speaks", here in AZ. at Tempe Town beach and all four Grandparents and an uncle came to walk for Team Matthew. We had a great morning and when we returned to the car we had walked over 4 miles, didn't need to go to the gym today!
Here is Nanna taking a picture of Grandnanna!
Left to right, Grandfather, Uncle Josh, Matthew, Poppa, Nanna and Grandnanna!

 Yah, we made it! It was quite warm by the time we finished so we are all happy it is now late October and no longer triple digits. There was also a 5K race but we decided to walk!
 A short break for lunch before heading home. Sprouts stores are one of the major sponsors and they had all kinds of goodies for participants of the event. Matthew even took a bite of hot dog, a new "adventure" for him.
Matthew has a whole selection of "goofy faces", he can be quite the little clown and he knows he is funny!
Nanna and I decided that next year we will be much better organized, we will have T-shirts made and try to do some fund raising ahead of time.
Thanks to all the generous supporters of Autism. Matthew is an amazing, clever and totally delightful little boy and we are so thankful for the opportunities now available to open up his world to us and our world to him.


Andee said...

Matthew is SO lucky to have such loving and supportive people surrounding him! He will do well not matter what because of all the love you all have for him. This post really made my day very sweet!

Roslyn said...

Thanks Andee, Matthew is a winsome, adorable child, the delight of our lives and you understand the challenges we face!
I firmly believe that God has a wonderful purpose for Matthew's life and has allowed us the privilege of guiding and encouraging him in this journey.

Kiwi Grandparents in AZ said...

What a great time we had, can't wait for next year :) who knows what that cheeky little monkey will be up to by then haha!!!