Saturday, October 26, 2013

Block Of the Month

We have only two more months to the end of this BOM from 35th. Ave quilt shop. I believe that next month we will make four more of these sort of blocks, and in December we receive lay-out directions and instructions for the optional applique stars for the border.
 I am not at all sure that these are correctly constructed, there is no color shown in the pattern directions [below] and the written instructions leave me wondering if I have interpreted aright!
Following the pattern I have done the best I could, referring to the actual picture of the quilt here.
I checked over on Andee's blog and her blocks look the same so I assume that we are both correct!
One more quilt completed, Floorplan-below- now has the binding. I do not like UFO's!


Andee said...

LOL I thought the directions this month left a little to be desired and we didn't even take a picture of the sample at the store. Oh well, I think they are right and they will work fine :)

LynCC said...

ooo - I went and looked at the BOM quilt you guys are doing, and it's gorgeous. So festive!