Saturday, October 12, 2013


This weekend is the 53rd. annual Greek Festival at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral.
Opa is an expression of celebration but seems to be used in Greek for other meanings as well.
Youngest son, JW, usually helps out along with his friend Rob running the Saganaki food stand.
Saganaki is a Greek cheese, grilled and flambeed with Metaxa a type of Greek brandy.Yum!
 The cheese used is one called kafelograviera but I am told that you can also use Kasseri cheese.
Everyone yells "opa" as the Metaxa flames on the cheese. It's then sprinkled with a little fresh lemon juice and served on pita bread. Double yum, but I had to forgo the pita, I am endeavoring to live gluten free.
That's JW on the left, Rob on the right hard at work grilling the cheese.
On with the Metaxa.....
fire on the cheese!
Lots of other Greek delicacies..........
I didn't have room for the calamari unfortunately, probably shouldn't eat it anyway the batter surely has gluten in it!
The guy on the left appears to have already had his fill, LOL!
These are the Greek fried donuts, drenched with a sweet honey syrup, yummy, not for me though!
Baklava sundae, oh my!
This was my choice, lamb shank.
I passed on the Ouzo, though when I was young I drank it on the rocks!
 Both red and white Greek wine...........
 even a Greek market or "Agora"...........
 T-shirts with different Greek messages............
 Jewelry from Athens...........
and Holy Honey! And not just all kinds of edible honey but also some skin care products.
I purchased these for my friend who has breast cancer and needs surgery, a lovely soap and a skin cream. They are fragrant, vegan and pure and will be kind to her skin.
And I found these honey sticks, for my tea!
There was entertainment for young and old.
 Bouncy things.........
 sliding things............
and it wouldn't be a Greek festival without lots of dancing
We had a lovely evening! If you live in the Phoenix area you can check it out tomorrow evening too.


Gari in AL said...

This looks so familiar. We used to go the Greek Festivals when we lived in NWFL, none in the area where we live now. Miss the REALLY good food.

Andee said...

Looks like a good time with GREAT food!