Friday, August 30, 2013

Catching Up With The BOM

 I was a month behind on the 35th.Ave BOM, but as of today I am caught up! 
Four sets of twelve FG were last month's block, we were out of town.
Twelve of these blocks now bring me up to date, well ahead of the due date. I don't remember when this BOM finishes, I think by December. I already have the black batting and I think I will quilt it with a golden thread, but not a metallic.
Last weekend I planted some seeds in pots for Fall greens, Kale, Swiss Chard, Spinach and Arugula plus some chives.  The germination was supposed to be 10 days but the shoots began to appear by about the third day and now after only 5 days all but the chives are up. Arugula is about 2" tall already, probably tomorrow it will be 3" !
 Lots of Kale............
 The spinach, and the bottom row is Swiss Chard  just barely appearing 
I have harvested the basil several times and have a good supply of pesto in the fridge, we like it on our salads. I had half a packet of seeds in the fridge left over from a few years ago so last spring I threw them in the large pot that holds the little Mexican lime tree and they have thrived! It will be interesting to see how long I can keep it going once the nights get chilly, of course that is a long way off here in Arizona. We also enjoy a handful of fresh basil in salads so we have plenty of uses for it.
I have one of those Nutri Bullets-
making lots of healthy green drinks, one reason for planning ahead for plenty of organic greens this Fall and maybe even into the winter.

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Andee said...

Someday I really want the window in my kichen to be converted to a plant window thingy! I would love to have a herb garden there! Love your 35th Ave. blocks..they are coming along, did you put the square on the end of each of the flying geese rows? :)