Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Booby-Trapped Chicken House!

 Visiting my friend Gale, longarmer supreme, in CO. for a few days this week, I have a funny story to tell, but first a little background information! Gale had major surgery a couple of weeks ago and I thought to come keep her company and we would sew and chat!
There are assorted critter-pets on her little farm,
 Two chubby miniature donkeys...........
 and Pepe, because Gale always wanted to be able to say "I have a Rosie little ass and a Pepe little ass"!
 Their rodeo horses.............
 A buck drinking from the pond....ooops no that's just a lifelike statue!
 cats x three and corgis x two, no pics.
A fake cow to practice their roping skills...........
and some steers in the back fourty!
 Here are a few of the hens, which brings me to the point of this post!
I decided to get the eggs from the hen-house for Gale,
ah, three lovely fresh organic eggs, I thought -as the door slammed behind me and I was plunged into darkness!  
I discovered that I appeared to be locked in the chicken coop, no latch to be seen on the inside of the door but after banging, pushing and thumping at the door to no avail, to my great relief I found my phone in my back pocket. I called Gale and said "You will laugh your head off when you hear that I seem to be trapped in the chicken coop!"
Of course she laughed, but added that there was a way out in the form of a wire poking through the wall to open the latch from the inside because Gale herself had the same thing happen when they were building it. Her DH was there to rescue her and they decided they had better manufacture an escape route because no human could fit through the little opening the hens go through!
I find the latch and whew, daylight and I am free,
and here is my reward, three lovely eggs an aqua, a brown and a white!
So be very careful next time you go into the henhouse!


Gari in AL said...

OK, so that was funny. Mine, being locked in the outhouse (you may not be old enough to know what that is)was not so funny.

farmlady said...

Well, well, well. Fine farm girl you would make. Hysterical! At least you would have had eggs for breakfast. Was there a frying pan in your back pocket too. Were the chickens laughing?

Roslyn said...

No , Farmlady, no frying pan, just the cell phone. Oh and the hens were cackling their heads off!

Roslyn said...

Oh I know all about outhouses, knew many of them as a child and teenager in Australia!!