Sunday, September 1, 2013

BJ's Scrappy Squares Quilt

This was done yesterday........
I thought that the Swirls from Circle Lord would look really cool on this quilt but BJ wouldn't allow it, said it was "too modern a design" for her!
 She did allow me to freehand quilt the peacock feathers. I used a Valdani variegated thread and BJ brought me Warm And Natural batting.
 The backing is also pieced, of course! Tomorrow I am sewing with BJ at Jacki's so I will deliver it to her then, I hope she likes it.


Andee said...

Scrappy squares looks great! Hope you guys had a fun day sewing again!

Melanie said...

Great googilymoogily this is awesome! I'm sure you've heard it time and time again, but your quilts are beautiful and you have a great talent!! I honestly am patting myself on the back when I sew on a button that fell off an oldie but goodie shirt, so I can't imagine being able to do anything remotely close to this. What a wonderful talent. :)