Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Beach, Fair Weather And Foul!

One would think that a relaxing week at the beach would allow for ample "free" time but I have not made the effort to post. Today however the weather is not conducive to the usual seaside pursuits so I am snuggled up indoors with my electronics, catching up with my blog! If only I had brought some quilting with me.............
Monday was perfect, sunny and very warm, so we decided to have a seafood feast.
Fifteen pounds of steamers were shared among us, I had never eaten them this way before and found them very tasty.
We managed to demolish twelve of the fourteen lobsters, the last two found their way into lobster salad last night.
Button is enjoying lots of walks on the beach and the kids are besotted with her. This is a hidden gem of an area and even on very hot days not heavily populated. Evenings when the swimmers and sun worshippers have left, the space is totally open and even more inviting for long walks
Last night as the moon came up it was trapped between two cloud layers and this unusual picture emerged. Having a new camera and no directions [I left them at home] I am struggling with low light photography, with more proficiency I know this could have been really dramatic.
Two of the last five days have given us inclement weather, and when a storm blew up overnight gale force winds almost blew the tent over! The kids have wanted to sleep in the tent and last night turned out to be more of an adventure than planned, a couple of five gallon buckets of cement had to be employed during the night to keep the tent anchored to the ground. It was a brave adult who had volunteered to keep the kids company in the tent.
This is the ocean today a few brave, make that slightly crazy people, are in the water.........
and a lone fisherman who assures me that he catches huge "stripers" in this spot.
Mostly the beach is deserted, I find the ocean much more beautiful with more action, but then I am most accustomed to the Pacific which seems to have bigger surf and more intense colors.
The surf is "up" much wilder than usual for this area of the coast, normally quite mild and safe for even the novice. For someone who is normally land- locked any day at the beach is a treat, although it's really too chilly for strolling the water's edge especially when we are not dressed for such chilliness!
The lifeguards are on duty, huddled in their sweatshirts, hoods pulled up against the cold wind.
Button appears unperturbed by it all, content to be where ever we choose whenever we choose, a most versatile little dog.
Today would be a fine day for quilting or other handwork which I failed to bring along thinking I would have no opportunity to indulge.
The kids are playing games and doing some crafty things to pass the time, and galloping around like young foals too long restrained in the corral!
I have my iPod and bluetooth to keep me entertained and hopefully this storm will wear itself out quickly and we will be back to enjoying the ocean tomorrow.


Gramma 2 Many said...

Being used to the Pacific also, I remember the first time I saw the Atlantic. I was disappointed. It was so muddy and dirty in my humble opinion. Hope this nor-easter passes soon and you can get out and enjoy the beaches again.

Dena said...

Having grown up the Puget Sound area I have always enjoyed my time near or on the water. It's so beautiful. Glad you having a nice time.

cityquilter grace said...

ah ros welcome to new england...where are you staying, north shore or south shore? looks wonderful even though i see this view almost every day....i love it in fair weather or foul...

Andee said...

Oh what fun!