Sunday, July 21, 2013

Button The Wonder Dog!

Saturday morning our niece, great niece and I went out to run errands preparatory to heading off to the beach cottage tomorrow for the week. When we left the house my DH, nephew and great nephew were still at home.
As we reached the house upon our return the storms were beginning, lightning, thunder and rain, and as we pulled into the driveway we saw the front door wide open and Button sitting on the porch waiting.
We entered the house to find it.......otherwise empty, the guys had left and Button was home alone.
Now, the house is on a busy main road and there are all sorts of pawnable items available so we were vexed to say the least, not to mention that our little dog could have run off, or God forbid, been injured or otherwise lost to us. Of course it wasn't the guys responsibility, they left by the back door, LOL      Argh!
I tell this tale mostly to brag on our little Aussie Terrier-how many dogs do you know who were left alone in a strange place with the door open, would calmly sit on the front porch awaiting someone's return? No other that I know of, for sure, so I am very proud of our little dog and thankful for all the time I invested in obedience training from the day we brought her into our lives.
I will probably have nightmares about this but thank God she is none the worse for the experience and sleeping peacefully beside me now. It might have been a very different ending.
The home above was built in 1729 and our nephew has been restoring/and expanding/modernizing the original house to accommodate their family. It is a labor of love in progress but so far he has done beautiful work, whenever possible wood has been repurposed from old homes and finishes and woodwork faithfully copied.


Dena said...

Buttons is a beautiful dog. We had a Cairin (msp) Terrier and he was the best family pet. He lived to be 17 years old, growing up with the kids, but his body finally started giving out on him and he passed away. I'm glad to hear Buttons wasn't injured or lost.

Andee said...

Yay for Buttons! What a smart dog--she knew you would be back for her if she just stayed put!

Gari in AL said...

Oh, my, what a heart in the throat moment. None of our dogs would do as well but I am so glad it turned out so well.