Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Aussie Fabric And Orphan Blocks!

My friend Meredith had a selection of Aussie fabrics from a dear quilter friend who sadly did not live long enough to use up her stash, something I think most quilters angst about.
I was delighted to receive them to add to my collection of iconic Aussie fabrics that have been aging for "a while", and really need to be sewn into a quilt that will showcase their unique designs.
Some have larger images that I will endeavor to incorporate to the best advantage with the smaller patterns, including those I already have in my stash.
 There was also one piece from New Zealand which may not fit into the same quilt.
And about those orphan blocks, I received an envelope in the mail with quite an eclectic assortment of blocks all from a dear lady named Sandy in California, who happens to be a friend of Meredith who told her about my plan to make a quilt for my SUV. There is a blog post about my plan here.
I purchased the car cover and need to "try it on" my vehicle and chalk mark around the windows before I can begin to applique blocks onto the cover. I will sew clear vinyl over the window areas.
Another blogging friend Cheryl, already put out an "Orphan block rescue appeal" on my behalf on her blog here, so I may be getting some more interesting blocks to add to the mix. My auto is not a compact but neither is it huge, however I think it may take longer than I estimate to cover it, but we shall see.
We are off to Boston tomorrow on the red-eye with our little Aussie dog, for two weeks visiting family including about a week in a beach cottage so the next posts will be from Massachusetts, that has to be cooler than Arizona. Our annual monsoon is here, humidity but no precipitation! Today when we were driving around town it was 111degrees. Yuck, so now we have moved from sauna to steam room, LOL.
Quilting is almost done on the Craftsy BOM, only one block and two and a half borders left and with any luck I might get that finished tomorrow so my longarm will be unoccupied and ready for a new project when we return.

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Andee said...

I need to see if I have any random blocks to add to your collection! Can't wait to see it done!