Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vintage Thirties Applique Quilt

This quilt top was purchased from an estate sale a couple of years ago, hand applique and some embroidery. It was very dirty, stained, and rather foolishly I chose to wash it before quilting. A gentle hand washing might have been ok, but I used my front loader washing machine and the seams frayed badly.  If I had thought to place it in a lingerie bag before laundering it might have prevented some of this issue. Consequently I set it aside and decided to face it another day!
  That time has come, and today I put it on the longarm to get it quilted. In addition to the fraying, which necessitated lots of snipping of long, loose thread, it was very wrinkled being 100% cotton. Ironing smoothed it out a little but I am happy to see that the quilting is taking care of the rest!
In addition to the fraying, the colors in the sashing ran and now the background has a faint pink tinge. Nothing I have done so far has removed that color bleed, perhaps after it is quilted and bound I will try another method, but it needed stabilizing before any more laundering.
 The blocks are a bit full, and the setting triangles are wavy on the edges, but the quilting is taking in the excess fabric ok and it's coming along quite nicely using a variety of quilting stitches from one area to another. It will be a nice girly quilt, it's quite large about 82"x106". Seems I make a lot of girly quilts!


Cheryl Willis said...

looks great, I know people tease that 'it will come out in the quilting' but in a way 'it' does when you have a good quilter. nice save!

farmlady said...

It must be so nice to work on an old quilt and have it come out this nice.
It's really pretty. I love the different quilting in each square.