Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Civil War Quilt Progress

 Working at the DSM today, I was able to piece the center with all the HST's. It was time consuming matching up all those tiny blocks and I am pleased to have that part done. I have decided that this quilt is a keeper and will go in the living area downstairs, I need a quilt there and this one has the perfect colors.
Now to work out the plan for surrounding this with all of the hourglass blocks.
Above are the bindings for the two batik Arrowhead quilts, the green is for the latest vintage applique quilt. Not sure why the color washed out so much perhaps overshadowed by the batiks, LOL.  This is more true to color.
They are all neatly wound around cardboard to keep them tidy until I can apply them to the quilts.

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