Friday, October 26, 2012

October Craftsy BOM Blocks

Catching up with the BOM's I got behind two months and still have to make September blocks.
This month was paper piecing and I usually love it, but found these blocks rather tedious.
This was the better of the two, and it did go together well, just took longer than it should have for that size and complexity of PP.
I have made more complex PP blocks that were much better designed, but they are done and I am pleased with the results and also that there's only two more of these BOM's, the September blocks are  curved piecing.


farmlady said...

The second one looks like it just moved apart or floated away from the center.
If quilting is becoming tedious maybe you need to try knitting.LOL!

Andee said...

I like them, beautiful!

Andee said...

Spent some time in Craftsy tonight...not sure why in the heck I didn't join you guys in making this BOM! I need to learn some of this new stuff and am kicking myself. Just watched the Oct. video on paper piecing and am thinking I may start doing these I need another project, lol!

LynCC said...

Hi, Roslyn :) I love the fabrics in these. Batiks are so lovely. Hey, I hadn't realized you are here in Colorado until I caught that up in your "About Me". We are loving the Monument area, but your part is so amazingly beautiful down there! We'll be spending a little time in that area this summer - the history nerd in me wants to dabble around in the Anasazi ruins. :)