Thursday, March 22, 2012

Quilting- And Back Country Snowshoeing!

Oh no, the snowshoe expedition did not include me, I was in Montrose busy sewing and visiting with with the CO. Huggy Bunch. First, my sewing progress for the day, then onto the guys activity!

I am using these 2" HST papers from "Laundry Basket", and yesterday I sewed up 19 papers .......

using CW replica fabrics, that will produce a total of 532 of these little 2" HST's. This is a sampling of the color/fabric combinations I made yesterday. I already had 84 so now I am well on the way to a quilt top. I am going to combine them with 4" hour glass blocks,

also made with triangle papers, though right now I have no idea of the final configuration, that will fall into place once I think I have enough blocks and/or get tired of making them!
Today the plan is to make more of any of the above!
Now for the CO. back country adventure!

DH, DGS#2 on right and his friend, plus our neighbor and his son, started out from Red Mountain area to head out to the back country.

It was new, pristine snow and a lovely sunny day, Colorado at it's best!

All that is left above ground of the old National Belle Mine - not sure of the elevation but something over 12,000 ft.

The young fellows stopped for lunch, you know how teenage boys have to eat!

Today they are off to Telluride for more skiing, should be a fabulous day.

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Linda said...

Looks like they are really enjoying the vacation! Your quilt will be lovely, I am sure, no matter how you decide to put it together! I am looking forward to seeing the finished project.