Saturday, March 3, 2012

AZ Huggy Bunch

Three of us here today sewing and it was a productive time.
Alissa has completed this adorable quilt.........

and she was working on these little 4" blocks today, I love them.

BJ's first March Craftsy BOM, it looks like fun, but I may not get mine done until we go to CO. for Spring Break in a couple of weeks. I am curious to see how mine turn out in batiks.

This is the Quilt Of Valor our HB group made that I LA'ed this past week and today I got it bound, now just needs a label and a presentation case.

Another project on my list is enlarging a current flimsie to become a summer quilt for our bed.

After an online search for more of this older fabric [about 6 years old] I found nearly 3 yards of one of the collection and with a couple of other borders it will fit our KS bed.

I have now used up almost every bit of the left overs for a piano key border and I got those all sewn together today. Whew, now just a stop border and then the last big border and I can LA it!
I may even get it done before the heat sets in for AZ!


Threeundertwo said...

So glad you found the fabric! And that heart quilt! Tell her I love it.

Andee said...

Looking good! Sorry I missed you is far too busy!