Friday, November 18, 2011


Yesterday the real, the serious demolition began. A six foot trench had to be cut in the slab to accommodate the drain, water and electricity for the new island that will be separate from the rest of the cabinets and will run at a different angle from the old one that came out from the wall and "walled off" the kitchen so to speak!

Here is David's rough draft of the new set up [he has refined it since to fit the final plan.]
DH is doing the "grunt work" because it saves us lots of money, and the creation of the trench was his laborious work.

I went out run a couple of errands and returned to what the following pics will show as the awful clouds of cement dust floated through the entire house, including all of the upstairs.

I ran around closing doors and draping old sheets and painter's plastic over furniture, quilts, my quilting machine etc, but it was too late to prevent a great deal of the nasty stuff from settling on everything. At one point the visibility was so poor that the pic below is all I could see!

Consequently I was up till 1 a.m., first running the shop vac then vacuuming and repeated vacuumings, and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, washing floors, then many loads of laundry. Today my poor abused body was/is in pain and I had still more cleaning and laundry plus trying to organize sufficiently to be able to function with simple meals. And the little fellow was here all day, and we managed to keep him out of the mess! Hallelujah!

Today most of the worst of the dust is gone and my lovely and faithful cleaning lady will get the rest. I even have a dishwasher hooked up [thanks DH] especially as there is no sink!

Here is what was accomplished by this evening; tomorrow is more plumbing, then concrete to fill the trench and lastly tiles to fill in the open area. Tuesday David plans to bring the "boxes", the framework for the cabinets, so all of the rest has to be finished.
Tomorrow Huggy Bunch AZ meets, don't know yet who will be here but at least they can come in and sit down without being covered in cement dust!
I am quite sure that any of you who have done renovation in your homes while living there are quite familiar with all of this.

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Gramma 2 Many said...

It is the dust. Every time we do a project, it is the dust that seems to be the biggest problem. How I hate it, but am always so delighted with the finished product:) Can hardly wait to see the results.