Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blogger's Fall Quilt Festival

Here is another opportunity to celebrate our craft/passion of quilting, thanks to Amy's Creative Side for hosting the online festival
This time I chose a quilt called Singing His Praises", designed by Sherry Moore.

The quilt took a few years to piece and quilt, blocks are Paper Pieced and custom quilted. The quilt has been donated to Living Faith Anglican Church to raise money for the Memorial Fund. I chose to do that in memory of our son Matthew.

It was a challenge to construct; to begin with, the BOM packs I received had scarcely enough fabric, in fact in one instance I had to piece one of the small pieces!
But I dare you to find it,LOL.

Then I put off the quilting because I knew it would be custom and therefore time consuming.

Once I began it was fun to invent a different quilting design for each block.

The blocks represent hymns and the kit came with the list of blocks and hymns and an explanation of each.

Some blocks like this one below, were quite unusual and not at all familiar to me, so the quilting design really challenged my imagination!

Below is the smallest of the blocks and as you can see from some of the tiniest pieces it would have been impossible to construct other than with paper piecing. I think these little blocks are only 3.5"!
After I struggled through the first of these musical notes I was considering not bothering with the other three for the corners, but decided that I had come that far so why give up on the final challenge.
In the end I was very happy with the over all result and had the quilt appraised by Karen Housner.


straythreads said...

beautiful quilt, the quilting is wonderful

Lyanna L. said...

i like the sampler look of your quilt - great blocks and great quilting. thanks for sharing it! =)

Miri said...

A beautiful quilt with a lot of meaning:a true treasure. The quilting is wonderful!