Saturday, November 19, 2011

AZ Huggy Bunch

Only BJ and I of our AZ HB group were quilting here today but we had a friend of mine from TX join us; Peggy is in town to visit a friend.

Peggy was working on "unsewing" a quilt.............

BJ finished this "scrappydoodah" quilt today for her niece...........

and I finished binding this one-only one more of my own quilts yet to bind, the 30's Dresden Plate. Then I need to put some more of my own flimsies on the LA, after I finish the commission quilt- that may not be until around Christmas!

Meanwhile DH was hard at work on the kitchen rehab but he had to put up with our chattering while he worked and we had to tolerate the power tools etc!
This is the necessary to hook up the prep sink for the new island.

Button got her footprints in the wet cement!

The trench now prepped for power and water and all filled in with cement!
Monday once the cement has cured, the missing tiles will be replaced.
Demo is over and reconstruction on the way!


farmlady said...

The quilts are lovely. How different they are and yet each one is beautiful.
The remodel is coming along nicely. I love the flooring.

DeanO said...

beautiful quilt work and good job on the remodel

Gramma 2 Many said...

When I looked at your pictures, I thought you had one of me, then I remembered we have not met yet and I do not quilt. I think Peggy is my soul sister:)

Gramma 2 Many said...

I showed the picture of Peggy to my husband. He thought it was me and asked me when I was quilting. It is almost creepy:) So he says she has to be a relative. I do not know of any lost relatives. Is Peggy looking for any?