Friday, October 28, 2011

Colorado Adventure Continues

Sunday evening our retreat ended and we headed back up the mountain, stopping on the way in Ridgway at Colorado Boy Brewery for some of their excellent pizza and a jug of Stout!
I prefer their Porter but they didn't have it so we settled on Stout.

Monday morning we were back at our sewing machines......
that is the Cimarron mountain range you see.

And here is Lauren with a completed top that she made up from fabrics in a kit- this is not the original design that came with the kit.

After lunch we drove into the beautiful town and ski resort of Telluride, where Lauren finally found her bear!

Most everything is shut down for between season repairs/ renovation etc, but we did find one store open and these cute shirts on sale. We thought them perfect for quilters!

Tuesday morning found us sewing again, BJ showing off a completed top from our deck with 12,583 ft. Corbett's Peak behind her.

Three of these fabrics I bought at the Phx. Shop Hop last month, the other two came from stash. The design [sent to me by Leslie] calls for one yard each of five different fabrics- I have quite a bit left over that may go into the backing.
After lunch Tuesday we went into the charming town of Ouray] pronounced you-ray]where we had more shopping success!

First stop was Rocking P Ranch store, owned by the most delightful Pattie and her mom Oleta. There is something for everyone, items from $3 to thousands of $$, most made by Texas artisans.
I love Rocking P and both of the friendly ladies who greet everyone with a big Texas welcome.

Here Lauren modeled this sock monkey hat........

while this unusual treasure came home with me, a bracelet made with vintage watch faces telling me that it is "time to pray"!

A very Texas style cross with cowhide and turquoise was gifted to me by BJ. I know it's meant to be a necklace but I'm thinking of putting it in a shadow box where I can enjoy it every day.

Next we were drawn into Gumpshun Gallery by their amazing display of exotic purses.....

where BJ found plenty to delight her..........

as did Lauren and I,
note my new head wear!
Another fascinating store is "Kristopher's Culinaire" where I never fail to find unique kitchen accessories, and my two quilting companions found their own irresistible items!

Our final stop for the day was at "Mouse's Chocolates", a must if you are ever in Ouray!

All chocolates are made on the premises with only premium ingredients, from truffles of every flavor........

to their [in]famous "scrap cookies" filled with all the slightly imperfect chocolate rejects! OMiGosh!
Hot apple cider with Mouse's own sinfully delicious caramel sauce and topped with whipped cream defies description-Lauren's comment was totally apropos but you will have to ask her what it was, LOL!

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