Thursday, June 2, 2011

Long- Arming Again

Apart from processing the jet lag from seventeen time zones, I have been trying to get back to my "normal" life here. So many things to catch up on and take care of but I think finally after almost a week, all the "stuff" that was waiting for me when I returned is now settled. Whew, you know how it is when you leave home for a bit!
This is another of Hannah's quilts and it came off the LA last night. Strangely, I did not even notice the secondary shading effect until I hung it up and took this picture!
I love the back of this quilt, Hannah frequently pieces her backings and this one has a nice modern look to it.
Here's a close-up of the freehand quilting.

Last Saturday BJ came to sew with me and in spite of a giant jet-lag hangover [only 24 hours after arriving back in the northern hemisphere] I decided to sew. And guess what, I didn't even sew any body parts either but I was fairly brain fogged and we [BJ and I] decided that I should only sew something that took no actual thought process!
So I pulled out all of my pink scrappy strips and began to make more of those "Log Cabin With Attitude" blocks and this is what I accomplished, beats sitting around in a jet-lag fog, right? They will make another baby girl quilt for the next female infant among my family and friends - and add to the stack of tops I need to quilt for myself!
Sigh, it is always "the cobbler's son who needs new shoes", isn't it?!

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