Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Cooler Here!

We are back in the Colorado mountains for a couple of weeks where it's in the 40's at night, sooo nice and the days are great too, a whole lot better than 120degrees which is what is predicted for Saturday in Phoenix. Yuck.
My CO. Huggy Bunch meets on Wednesdays and it was so lovely to see all those dear quilting ladies.

This was my accomplishment for Wednesday, a scrappy backing ............

for this red, white and black quilt top made from orphan blocks left from other projects- you can tell that I am working at using up all those left over fabrics from my grandson's quilts.

As of today this top is also ready for quilting which makes eleven quilt tops I have stacked up now awaiting their turn on the longarm! This one was a kit and there was insufficient fabric for the border so I had to "punt"! First I added a little one inch "stop" border then I took four left over blocks and sewed them to the corners to make the rest of the fabric fit and would you believe those wee blocks were exactly the size needed to complete the borders, simply amazing! This not even the border fabric the kit showed so go figure!
However my dilemma does not end there-the kit was supposed to include binding and backing but there's no way enough fabric for that. I don't understand what happened but I will need to purchase a backing and decide which of the left over fabrics will do for binding.

Now about the QOV's, I had thought that I was falling behind in my plan to quilt at least one or more a month, until I remembered that I had delivered four more to Bernina Connection earlier in the year. So now I find that I am way ahead of schedule, yippee!
This last one was finished up on Monday before we left for CO. but I have two more just like it back in Phx. as yet unquilted! My CO.Huggy Bunch ladies just love making these scrappy beauties and it definitely helps to keep their scrap bins low!


Khris said...

Red, black and white always looks great, doesn't it!! Well done...hugs Khris

Gari said...

You really did a great job of making the kit work even though it was defecient. I have only bought one kit but then used the fabric for something different. I just can't seem to follow directions very well, not something I JUST figured out. ;-)

Alycia said...

Love your red scrappy one! looks very planned!!