Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dolphin House Quilt

This sampler quilt will go to Dolphin House in Montrose for a child recovering from an abusive situation. My Guild in CO. supports this center with a constant supply of quilts to comfort kids in need of loving care.
This is one of five tops I was given by my Guild members to quilt and originally I had thought it would be a QOV but it's just a bit too small, long enough at 70" but not wide enough for an adult at only 40". QOV's need to be at least 50" wide for the soldiers, I make them usually closer to 60" or so minimum but I quilt quite a few that come in closer to 50" wide.

My personal favorite freehand method, the peacock feathers quilted this up very speedily.

Because I realized that this quilt would be for a child I pulled this particular fabric from stash for the backing- it has bunnies on it and needed to go bye bye, been in my stash for some years and was a perfect fit for the back and makes the quilt nicely reversible.

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