Monday, February 14, 2011

In Praise Of Bidets!

Any who have travelled outside the USA will likely be familiar with the global variety of toilets/ bathrooms/restrooms/lavatories/toots/ potties etc and the nomenclature of the same.
[Funny story about toilets to follow!]
Particularly in Asia and Europe we have encountered the gentle art of the bidet, and I had expressed the wish to DH for one of said "appliances"!
By happenstance Costco began to stock a version of the bidet that does not require the installation of a second "throne", but has within a special seat a very clever, fully functioning bidet called "Intelliseat"!
Complete with remote control, ooh la la!
Accordingly DH purchased one of the above and installed it-with the assistance of youngest DS to thread wires through the wall for the electricity needed to activate the device.
He [DH] then said he planned to fill the bowl with roses as my Valentine gift, and true to his word this morning when I awoke and ventured into our en-suite bathroom, this is the sight that met my eyes!
Well, happy Valentine's Day to you too!
And now for the funny story- we travelled in Europe in the late 70's with our four sons, hauling a pop-up "Alpenkreuzer" camper that looked very much like this. Hotels were too expensive for this military family and in any case four rambunctious boys were better suited to campgrounds than to hotels with the very proper Europeans!
As we went from country to country the styles of toilets [frequently only simple footprints in the cement in front of a hole in the floor] became an obsession with our boys then 4yrs, 8yr.old twins, and a ten year old.
Upon setting up in a campground at Lake Garda, Italy, the boys raced off to check out the toilets as was their habit. A few minutes later one of the twins came racing up to me breathlessly exclaiming "Mummy, Mummy, they've got toilets, real toilets and one room even has two toilets"! His eyes were shining and he was so excited he could barely get the words out!
It was of course a toilet and a bidet, but we reckoned he maybe had visions of himself and his twin brother sharing important events, male bonding, ya know, LOL!


Loretta said...

Oh my...I of all people am at a loss for sweet? A rose filled bidet! What every girl needs....

Ruby said...

A man of his word! Funny and thoughtful. Sooo what did you get him??

Khris said...

oh me oh myyyy...what a sight...LOL...tell Walt its just what every girl needs....hugs Khris