Tuesday, February 15, 2011

African Safari Quilt

This was the NYE Mystery quilt from 2009- the top was done in good order but it's been sitting around with a pile of other tops awaiting it's turn on the LA.
I couldn't decide how to quilt it and finally made the decision to use an elephant panto, the focus fabric has elephants on it.
Then I had to wait till my new laser light came and then there were too many other things ahead of it-again.
But as of a few days ago it was quilted and as of last night it's bound! I also pieced the backing, using up more of my African themed fabrics.

Now if I can just get my machine timed properly [again] I will be onto the next quilt.


Lindah said...

Love your elephants! the quilted ones and the printed, too.

DjDurdeeSmurdee said...

Hello. I recently received that same elephant print in green. I've made a jacket from it. Do you, by chance remember where you got it and what its called?

DjDurdeeSmurdee said...

The orange and gold.