Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Frogged Quilt [ripit-ripit]

Finally after more than a month the large-QS- quilt that I unquilted is re-quilted and ready to return to the maker, phew, PTL for that!
It is so large that I cannot get a view straight on because the couch is in the way! It's a beautiful quilt, isn't it?

I actually like the second iteration, [wait, I think that the word 'second' is redundant, lol] an all-over leaf and curl freehand design, better than the first I think it gives the quilt more cohesion-it's more graceful and more complimentary to the piecing design than my first choice with the separate sashing and border treatment.
The new backing to replaced the batik-the fabric that gave me such a headache, is a nice quality wide- back in a coordinating color, that quilted up very well.
It goes in the mail now and I do hope that Hannah will be happy with it.


Lindah said...

It looks really nice, Ros!
(You had to pick the extra big one to do the frogging on, didn't you!)

Tatersmama said...

Oh Ros, it IS a beautiful quilt! I love the colors in this one and the freehand leaf and curl design as well... :)