Thursday, December 9, 2010

Daniel's Christmas Gift Quilt

The binding on this finally done this evening, another Christmas gift finished, don't you love to cross projects off the "to do" list! I am quite happy with it especially since I really had no idea how I would make it or how it would turn out!
Someone once said that you never experiment on your dinner guests but I do and I also experiment on quilts I am making. I know it is a risk but I am not patient enough to make practice dishes or practice quilts either!
This quilt is my own design, Daniel showed me what he wanted for the center and I used some monkey wrench blocks I had left from a UFO then built around them to about an 88"x90" finished size.
The quilting is a freehand peacock feather with Line Dancing in the monkey wrenches and a tiny version of peacock feathers in the center. Using Sew Fine thread kept the quilting subtle because the fabrics are so busy. Bottom Line was used in the bobbin.
The backing is pieced from leftover fabrics from my stash. I think it's masculine enough to please an [almost] seventeen year old lad, so I hope he will be happy with his quilt- he never looks at my blog so there is no risk that he will see it before Christmas!
Now I need to get his brother's quilt finished it is on the LA but I haven't touched it this week at all, I was finishing up the piecing of a scrap quilt and getting this one bound.


Seams Inspired said...

I love how the 'swirls' point to the center of the quilt! It's quite intricate and definitely beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :o)

Tamera said...

What a wonderful quilt! I'm sure he'll love it!

P. said...

That is very stunning! I love the swirly blocks. They're visually interesting without taking away from the center medallion. Beautiful quilt!

Gari said...

Excellent! I never thought about "practice quilts." That would be way too much work and then you would have to do it again. However, I tend to think that all my quilts are practice quilts since I seem to learn something new with each one.